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Special Election Edition , 21st October 2019



President Nyusi receives 60 per cent in Nampula

Nampula (Mozambique), 21 Oct (AIM) – Incumbent President Filipe Nyusi won Mozambique’s general election held on 15 October in the northern province of Nampula, with slightly more than 60 per cent of the vote, while the ruling Frelimo Party took 58 per cent of the parliamentary vote.

The results, announced on 20 October by the chairperson of the Provincial Elections Commission (CPE), Daniel Ramos, at a public ceremony in Nampula city, were as follows:

Presidential election

Filipe Nyusi (Frelimo) 546,487 (60.15 per cent)
Daviz Simango (MDM) 34,266 (3.95 per cent)
Ossufo Momade (Renamo) 314,445 (34.03 per cent)
Mário Albino (AMUSI) 17,204 (1.87 per cent)


Frelimo 495,744 (58.5 per cent)
MDM 28,611 (3.38 per cent)
Renamo 300,101(35.43 per cent)
AMUSI 13.987(1.65 per cent)

Provincial Assembly election

Frelimo 555,204 (58 per cent)
MDM 33,060 (3.80 per cent)
Renamo 314.605 (36.2 per cent)
AMUSI 17,378 (2 per cent).

Some minor parties stood in the parliamentary election, and their results but received very few votes. AMUSI (Action of the United Movement for All-Round Salvation) is a minor party in most of the country, but in Nampula, where it is based, it scores up to two per cent of the vote – enough to ensure that it will be represented in both the Provincial Assembly and in the national parliament, the Assembly of the Republic.

AMUSI is a breakaway from the MDM, and its leader, Mario Albino, was once the MDM’s Nampula provincial delegate.

The turnout in Nampula was about 45 per cent, considerably lower than the national turnout of 53 per cent.

Nampula is the largest of the 11 provincial constituencies and sends 45 deputies to parliament. On AIM’s calculations, these will be 26 from Frelimo, 16 from Renamo, two from the MDM and one from AMUSI.





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