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Special Election Edition , 22nd October 2019



President Nyusi and Frelimo receive 70 per cent of vote in Maputo Province

Maputo, 22 Oct (AIM) – Incumbent President Filipe Nyusi and the ruling Frelimo Party won around 70 per cent of the vote in Maputo province in the general and provincial elections held on 15 October.

President Nyusi and Frelimo won in all eight districts in the province. The results, announced at a ceremony in the city of Matola on Monday, were as follows:

Presidential election

Filipe Nyusi (Frelimo) 387,517 (72.74 per cent)
Ossufo Momade (Renamo) 113,928 (21.38 per cent)
Daviz Simango 18,864 (3.54 per cent)

Parliamentary election

Frelimo 347,267 (67.23 per cent)
Renamo 136, 144 (25.26 per cent)
MDM 25,672 (4.95 per cent)

Provincial Assembly election

Frelimo 379,899 (69.45 per cent)
Renamo 139,023 (24.21 per cent)
MDM 30,819 (5.78 per cent)

These figures omit minor parties and candidates who received a very small number of votes.

Maputo province sends 20 deputies to the Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic. On these figures, AIM calculates that 14 will come from Frelimo, five from Renamo and one from the MDM.

Almost three quarters of the votes in the province were cast in Matola city, where President Nyusi won 66.31 per cent, to 26.97 per cent for Momade and 6.43 per cent for Simango.

Speaking to reporters after the ceremony, the head of the Frelimo central brigade for Maputo province, Carmelita Namashalua, said Frelimo is waiting for the official announcement of the results from the National Elections Commission (CNE), “but we thank the people of Maputo province who accepted our messages”.

Frelimo and Nyusi, she added, “have reiterated our promise to do everything to comply with the election manifesto of the Mozambican people”.

Both Renamo and the MDM boycotted the ceremony.






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